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David Gemmell 1948 - 2006

David Gemmell was born in London, England, in the summer of 1948. Expelled from school at sixteen for organizing a gambling syndicate, he became a laborer by day, and at night his six-foot-four-inch, 230-pound frame allowed him to earn extra money as a bouncer working nightclubs in Soho. He has also worked as a freelance journalist with the London Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, and Daily Express.

His first novel, Legend, was published in 1984 and has remained in print ever since. He became a full-time writer in 1986.

David Gemmell passed away aged 57 , if life was but fair he would have lived to add many more masterpieces to english fantasy literature but alas it is not. Your fans will miss you Mr Gemmell , english literature will miss you and i will miss you. May you find your way to the hall of heros and drink your fill.


What's New?

David Gemmell's latest novel Shield of thunder , the latest in the troy seris and the last to be finished by the great man himself was released to great success. A journey back to the lands of tales of troy it is simply nothing less than superb and once again Gemmells writing never fails to inspire me. The trilogy is to be finished by David Gemmells wife and is scheduled for release in early 2008.