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This Page will be dedicated to any rumours or speculation related to David Gemmell and his work.

The Unfinished Novel Theory:
David Gemmell has said in minor interviews over time that his book Morningstar wasn't finished the way he wished originally due to time constraints with the publishers. He said that he finds the novel unstaisfactory. Many now wonder if there is ever the chance he may begin a revised edition of this work. This raises the question is the book many love what it was intended to be, the structure of the book itself is diferent to alot of his work and this itself won many fans , but is the ending as it should be. Well thats a question that only Mr Gemmell can answer. Sadly the dream of a Morningstar rework will never come to pass.

The Hidden Link:
Many have tried but no one really knows in full how david gemmells books are connected. He has said that that its a fact they are connected and that only a bit of mathe and logic is needed to decipher the true connection.

Ross Harding...?
David Gemmell has in fact written a thriller novel called White Knight Black Swan under the alias Ross Harding , if he'll ever write any more is again just speculation at the moment but you never know.