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The Fans

If anyone reading this site has any theorys of there own that they would like on here plz email me with them and i shall place them on this page. Also if you would like your reveiws for his books posted on here email me as well.

Cataclysm Theory:
The following theory was contibuted by DrosDelnoch2 of the GemmellMania Forum site. All credit to him for it and thanks for allowing it to be posted on this site. I personally find it a very interesting idea.
Theory wise, the worlds are linked if you look into the infinite universe theory where every possible world exists, so techically there will be a Drenai world as well as a world made of chocolate.

Also the biblical quote of not one stone shall be left upon another I think is a big hint as well as the time when you look into the fact that the earth itself goes through a cataclysm every so many year, the next one although due in the future could see the end of mankind although I suspect that we will destroy ourselves before it happens. From Gemmells perspective, our own appetite for destruction is probably what saw the fall of the world of the elders to the Drenai.